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Vape Tax Information by State Until JULY 2023 - Check What Is The Tax Rate for Gangster Bar in Your State:-

State Vape Tax / E-Cig Tax Is Non-Nicotine E-Liquid Taxable?
Alabama No tax No
Alaska No tax No
Arizona No tax No
Arkansas No tax No
California 56.32% VALM, additional 12.5% of retail No
Colorado 50% VALM No
Connecticut 10% VAL open, $0.40/ml closed No
Delaware $0.05/ml No
District of Columbia 79% VAL No
Florida No tax No
Georgia 0.05/ml closed replaceable cartridge, 7% VAL open & single-use closed Yes
Hawaii No tax No
Idaho No tax No
Illinois 15% VALM Yes
Indiana 15% VALM closed, 15% of retail on open Yes
Iowa No tax No
Kansas $0.05/ml Yes
Kentucky 15% VAL open, $1.50/cartridge closed Yes
Louisiana $0.15/ml No
Maine 43% VALM Yes
Maryland 12% of retail, 60% of retail on 5ml or more Yes
Massachusetts 75% VALM Yes
Michigan No tax No
Minnesota 95% VALM No
Mississippi No tax No
Missouri No tax No
Montana No tax No
Nebraska No tax No
Nevada 30% VALM Yes
New Hampshire 8% VALM open, $0.30/ml closed No
New Jersey 10% of retail open, $0.10/ml closed No
New Mexico 12.5% of VALM open, $0.50/cartridge closed Yes
New York 20% of retail Yes
North Carolina $0.05/ml No
North Dakota No tax No
Ohio $0.10/ml No
Oklahoma No tax No
Oregon 65% VALM Yes
Pennsylvania 40% VAL Yes
Rhode Island No tax No
South Carolina No tax No
South Dakota No tax No
Tennessee No tax No
Texas No tax No
Utah 56% VALM Yes
Vermont 92% VAL Yes
Virginia $0.066/ml No
Washington $0.09/ml open, $0.27/ml closed Yes
West Virginia $0.075/ml Yes
Wisconsin $0.05/ml Yes

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